Developing sustainable solutions to feed our nation


Developing sustainable solutions

to feed our nation.



Tea Crop Management

Automating Activities in Tea Agriculture

The Challenge

Sri Lanka, renowned for its premium tea, is facing a significant challenge with over 25% of its tea crop remaining under-harvested due to a lack of available labour.

The Solution

Fully autonomous drones for precise application of Foliar, Fungicide, and Solid Fertilizer

watering drone

Close-range fertilizer application to crops to avoid wastage and environmental impact

Tea Industry


Highest Valued Tea Exporter in the World in 2021


of global tea exports in 2021 were from Sri Lanka

$1.25 bn

in export revenue in 2022

250,187 mts

of Ceylon Tea was exported in 2022

Coconut Industry Facts

3 bn nuts

produced per year

1.2 bn nuts

used for exports

US$ 835 mn

export earnings in 2021

1.1 mn acres

of Coconut Cultivation

The Challenge

The coconut industry has been a key part of Sri Lanka’s economy for years, contributing to agricultural growth and rural livelihoods. However, recent challenges such as Coconut White Fly infestation, labor shortages, and limited technology access have severely impacted production, potentially reducing it by 20% since late 2022.

The Solution

Spraying Organic chemicals, Foliar fertilizers

In progress: Semi-autonomous mast being developed for efficient coconut crown management, including tasks such as harvesting coconut bunches, cutting dead fronds, and pollination.

Coconut Crop Management

Automating Activities in Coconut Agriculture

Paddy Crop Management

Automating Activities in Paddy Agriculture

The Challenge

Paddy has been a crucial part of Sri Lanka’s agriculture for centuries, with rice being the staple food of the nation. However, the industry faces challenges such as insufficient harvests for domestic consumption, excessive use of planting materials, and excessive use of weedicide.

The Solution

Using a specific drone facility to plant paddy seeds directly over the land in rows and columns.

Paddy Industry

5,149,596 mts

Total Paddy Production in 2021

1.8 mn

farmers families supported


Hectares of Land devoted for Paddy

$7.75 mn

of rice exported in 2021

The CAFT Technology

The integration of CAFT technology methods can assist in the effective management and maximization of your farming and agricultural investments.

Precision Agriculture

Our cutting-edge solution lets you monitor your crops' health in real-time, predict future yields, and make better resource management decisions using reliable data.

Optimized Crop Management

Achieve maximum efficiency with our crop management solutions. It outperforms traditional methods in both cost-effectiveness and efficiency for Coconut, Tea, and Paddy crops.

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