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Transforming tea plantations with innovative technologies for efficient plucking, fertilizing, and health management.

Revolutionizing the Tea Industry

At CAFT we aim to revolutionize Sri Lanka’s tea industry with cutting-edge innovations. Our state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent solutions are built to overcome industry challenges by saving time, streamlining workflows, and benefiting all stakeholders – from farmers and growers to agricultural cooperatives and the entire nation as a whole.

Tea Industry Challenges

The Struggle with Technological Advancements for Crop Management and Harvesting.

Highly labor-intensive

Tea is a billion dollar industry but tea production in Sri Lanka is still highly labor intensive. Compounding this is a severe shortage of skilled workers including tea-pluckers leading to increased costs and reduced productivity.

Rising Costs

Despite facing labor challenges, Sri Lanka harvests tea selectively, making the process labor-intensive and requiring higher skills. Therefore, the challenge is to maintain the same quality of tea while lowering production costs.
The global tea market was valued at around 207.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and is expected to rise to 266.7 billion dollars by 2025.
Tea exports account for about 11% of the total exports in Sri Lanka and about 62% contributes to the total agriculture exports in the country.
The tea sector is expected to achieve an export target of US $ 1,500 million in 2022.

Our Solutions

Sowing the Seeds of Change: Overcoming Challenges in Adopting Technology in the Tea Industry.

robotic arm

Harvesting Automation

This solution will help address the challenges faced by the tea industry. We are developing fully automated harvesting methods, utilizing drones that can selectively pluck tea leaves with the same precision as humans, but at a much faster rate.
watering drone

Aerial Spraying

Spray pesticides and fertilizers with precision, reducing the amount of chemicals needed and reducing the environmental impact of the tea industry.

Crop Health Monitoring

Drones equipped with cameras and sensors will track vital information on crop health, growth, and pest detection. Detailed area mapping, monitoring, and spraying will provide valuable data for informed decision-making on planting, harvesting, and fertilizing, enhancing productivity and increasing yields.

Our services

Your Partner in Tea Farming

Aerial spraying

Below the shade tree and above the tea canopy

We offer a solution for the spraying of tea land by the use of drones. This method is to ensure a quick and easy solution to the application of spraying materials to the plants.
Sri Lanka’s tea is grown under shade trees and aerial spaying of the tea plant is difficult as spraying has to be done above the shade tree level far above the tea.
Our solution is to bring down the Drone to just above the level of the tea canopy so that the application is more direct and economical.
In addition given the terrain, it is difficult to operate drones manually. Our drones follow pre-plotted routes which are loaded to the drone’s computer. These routes are defined in three dimensions and therefore can maintain a uniform height above the tea and therefore drones operate autonomously on these routes.

Visual reports of each spraying

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in the care of tea plants. That’s why we offer video coverage of every flight of the drones so you can see exactly where and how the treatment was applied. This can be done Because our Drones Operate autonomously So every fly can be record.


Mapping Drone

Automation Solutions

Transforming Tea Plantations with Innovative Technologies for Efficient Harvesting, Fertilizing and Health Management

Spraying Drone

Automation Solutions

Transforming Coconut Plantations with Innovative Technologies for Efficient Harvesting, Pollination and Health Management

Mapping Drone

Spraying Drone



Automated Operations

Our automation solutions offer full or semi-autonomous operations with minimal human intervention, resulting in reduced labor costs and increased efficiency and productivity


Optimized Farming

Our custom solutions are designed to optimize land and labor utilization and thereby maximize yield

Advanced Integration

Our advise integrates existing systems with the modernizations proposed

Tailored Solutions

The solutions we offer will be tailored to customer requirements and specifically adapted to the circumstances at hand

Patented technologies

Our solutions include patented technology and the latest available science

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