Coconut Crop
Management Solutions

Automating Activities in Coconut Agriculture 

The Future of Coconut Farming

CAFT is focused on coconut agriculture automation, which aims to address the challenges faced by coconut farmers such as labor shortage, pest and disease infestations. We are committed to create solutions to revolutionize the coconut farming industry, increase yields, and enhance the livelihoods of coconut farmers using modern technology and automation.

Coconut Industry Challenges

The Struggle with Technological Advancements for Crop Management and Harvesting.


High Risk & Labor-Intensive

Coconut harvesting is primarily carried out manually. However, the country is currently facing a shortage of labor, which has led to decreased productivity and increased harvesting costs.

Pest & Disease Infestations

Sri Lanka's coconut industry is currently facing numerous challenges from diseases and pests, such as the destructive coconut mite, coconut scale insect, and white fly. Unfortunately controlling pests is laborious and hazardous because it is done manually.

Low Productivity

By providing reliable crop maintenance our solutions will increase the number of nuts per tree and the average size of the nut. This will raise Sri Lanka’s productivity to the levels of its competitors

Sri Lanka produces approximately 3 billion coconuts per year

Our Solutions

Sowing the Seeds of Change: Overcoming Challenges in Adopting Technology in the Coconut Industry.

Harvesting Automation

Our coconut harvesting solutions are focused on reducing the need for labor.


We developed a technique to enhance coconut yields by facilitating pollination of existing trees. This method reduces the dependency on natural pollination.

Crop Health Management

Coconut trees are susceptible to pest infestations, which are currently managed by physically climbing the tree. To address this issue, CAFT is introducing new management methods to carry out pest control operations remotely.

Our services

Your Partner in Cocount Farming

Mast spraying

CAFT (Ceylon agro food technologies) presents the Telescopic Mast, a pioneering solution designed to revolutionize tree crop plantation management. This innovative system addresses the challenges of manual labor in tree crop plantations, improving safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. While our primary focus is on coconut plantations, our solution can benefit other crop management practices as well.

Key Features:

  • Pneumatic Mast: Safely manages canopy tasks without manual climbing.
  • Versatile Attachment: Handles multiple tasks, including precise pesticide application.
  • Mobile and Efficient: Easily connects to tractors, ensuring adaptability to plantation needs.
  • Expert Operators: Our skilled operators guarantee top-notch service quality.


  • Safety: Eliminates manual labor risks, enhancing worker safety.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Reduces labor costs, boosting overall plantation efficiency.
  • Crop Health: Ensures healthier crops with precise management and pest control.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for various tree crop plantations, not limited to coconuts.


Join CAFT in embracing the future of tree crop management with our Telescopic Mast!

Visual reports of each spraying

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in the care of coconut 
plants. That’s why we offer video coverage of every spray of the Mast so you can see
exactly where and how the treatment was applied.

Coconut Mast

Automation Solutions

Transforming Coconut Plantations with Innovative Technologies for Efficient Harvesting, Pollination and Health Management

Spraying Drone

Automation Solutions

Transforming Coconut Plantations with Innovative Technologies for Efficient Harvesting, Pollination and Health Management

Coconut Mast

Spraying Drone



Automated Operations

Our automation solutions offer full or semi-autonomous operations with minimal human intervention, resulting in reduced labor costs and increased efficiency and productivity


Optimized Farming

Our custom solutions are designed to optimize land and labor utilization and thereby maximize yield

Advanced Integration

Our advise integrates existing systems with the modernizations proposed

Tailored Solutions

The solutions we offer will be tailored to customer requirements and specifically adapted to the circumstances at hand

Patented technologies

Our solutions include patented technology and the latest available science

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