Reshaping the World
of Agriculture

Who we are

Ceylon Agro Food Technologies (CAFT) is an agricultural research and development company partnered with Elpitiya Plantations. 


We are a team of engineers and agricultural scientists. 

What we do

Our teams are engaged in identifying and addressing the complex issues facing Sri Lanka’s agricultural industry through cutting-edge research and innovative solutions. 

Increase of Productivity and Reduction of waste in our national Agricultural program

Sri Lanka is an island with limited space available for agriculture. Unfortunately the yields and output from our agricultural production do not meet the international standards established for tropical agriculture.


Moreover it is estimated that 30% of all agricultural production in the country is lost between the points of harvesting and consumption.


The objective of the company is to identify the sources of this inefficiency and develop modern technological solutions.

Value addition to our agricultural Produce

From colonial times, Sri Lanka has supplied, exported, agricultural raw material to manufacturers of end products. As a result value addition has been happening at or near the overseas markets.


The effort should now be to add as much value to the produce as possible within the country so that the potential of our farming efforts can be fully realised.

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